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Watering Instructions

Initial Shock Period: First thirty days transplanting/planting

Plants transplanted between May 1 and September 30

Every day for the first 3 days

Every other day for 10 days

Twice per week for 2 weeks

Every 3 days for 2 weeks

Plants transplanted between October 1 and April 30

Every 3 days for 2 weeks

Twice per week for 2 weeks

Establishment Period: First growing season (April-October)

Normal weather conditions (temperature under 90 degrees with occasional rain). Once per week

Drought conditions (temperature reaching or exceeding 90 degrees with no rain). Twice per week

Sustainment Period: Second and third growing seasons

Normal weather conditions. Every 2 or 3 weeks

Drought conditions. Every 1 to 2 weeks

NOTE: Sufficient watering is achieved on trees and larger shrubs by filling the water saucer around each plant twice per application. To water smaller plants, count to ten for each foot of height (example: 3 foot plant would receive water for a 30 count).

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