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Plant Guarentee

All Plant material shall be nursery grown, healthy, vigorous, well-branched and exhibit a normal habit of growth for the species. They shall be free from disease and insects and shall have root ball sizes that meet the standards set forth in the “American Standard for Nursery Stock”. All plants shall be installed according to standard horticultural practices.

All plants are guaranteed to live for one-year from the date of acceptance of the project provided the plants are properly watered and cared for and the account is paid promptly. Plants that become infested with disease or insects are a maintenance concern and are beyond the scope of the warranty.

All replacements shall be plants of the same type and size as specified in the original proposal/design. The cost of the replacements shall be borne by Kevin James Landscape, Inc., expect for replacements resulting from removal, loss or damage due to the occupancy of the project in any part, vandalism, civil disobedience, or act of neglect on the part of others, including failure to properly water the plant material, physical damage by animals, vehicles, fire, etc., or losses due to curtailment of water by local authorities or to “Acts of God”. Flood, wind, hail, exceptional or untimely freeze, are not normal, and the damage they cause cannot be calculated in a bid. The owner in all cases assumes the risk of such “Acts of God”.

This guarantee applies only to material originally installed under contract by Kevin James Landscape, Inc. and excludes any replacements or relocated/transplanted plant material. All warranties will be voided if payment is returned or not paid in full upon completion of project

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