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Oak Ridge Military Academy

When Oak Ridge Military Academy, the official military school of North Carolina and second oldest military academy in the United States, needed landscape services, they chose Kevin James Landscape, Inc. With a 101 acre campus that houses structures from the 1800's to a modern 33,000 square foot military science/academic building, Oak Ridge Military Academy (ORMA), provided unique landscape challenges that required knowledge, experience and professionalism. Projects such as landscape renovation for historic plantings, drainage solutions that would not impact the campus or cadets use of facilities, as well as, working with the Board of Trustees and Oak Ridge Historic District to comply with strict guidelines are just a few of the issues to deal with.

Kevin James, a 1989 graduate of ORMA and current member of the Board of Trustees serving as co-chair of the Buildings and Grounds committee, has been entrusted to renovate these historic grounds. Every spring since 2009, Kevin James Landscape, Inc. has loaded trucks, trailers, materials and equipment and driven an hour and a half north of Charlotte to spend a week at ORMA. In a unique agreement with the Board of Trustees and president of the school, Kevin James Landscape provides a week of landscape contracting services including labor/materials in exchange for housing on campus in the dorms and three meals a day in the cafeteria provided by the school.

Kevin James Landscape is very proud to be the "Official Landscape Company of ORMA" and considers it truly an honor to be able to provide a small service to a historic academy that has given so much to so many. If you would like to have more information on ORMA, inquire about admissions or schedule a tour of the historic buildings and grounds please contact Bob Lipke (

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