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Lawn Guarentee

All lawn areas are guaranteed for one-year from the date of acceptance of the project provided they are properly watered and maintained and the account is paid promptly.

Kevin James Landscape, Inc. guarantees that no individual area of lawn shall have bare spots totaling more than twenty percent (20%). Kevin James Landscape, Inc. shall reseed any spots or portions of the lawn that fails to germinate. Such reseeding shall be at no additional cost to the owner.

The normal seasonal dates for seeding of Kentucky 31 fescue are as follows:

  • Spring Seeding - April 1 to May 15
  • Fall Seeding - August 15 to October 15

Lawn installation using Fescue Seed is not recommended during the periods of May 12 to August 15 and October 15 to April 15. Due to these restrictions on the growing season of fescue in our area, projects that are seeded out of the normal seeding time will be plugged and over-seeded at the start of the next growing period if germination has not occurred.

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