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Construction Guarentees


Kevin James Landscape, Inc., guarantees all of the drainage that we install to work properly. We cannot be responsible for any drainage that we add to, or drainage that is added to our original installation. We cannot be responsible for damage due to construction, other contractors, improper irrigation management, or “Acts of God” such as torrential flooding. Our drainage will work properly under normal circumstances or we will correct the problem at no additional charge.

Walks/Patios/Keystone Walls

Kevin James Landscape, Inc., guarantees our walks and patios to be installed in a professional manner, using current industry standard practices. Out walks and patios are guaranteed for life against settling and sinking, as long as the subgrade is left intact and not disturbed by boring or adding undue pressure to them, such as a car or construction equipment. All bricks and block will “leech” lime to the surface, this is the white “powder” that accumulates on the surface. This is a natural occurrence and will stop after a few months of natural, periodic rain. If sinking or settling occurs, we will correct the problem at no additional charge.

Landscape Timbers

Kevin James Landscape, Inc., uses only 6”x6” pressure treated landscape timbers. Pressure treatment only goes through 40% of the wood and all timber installations should have a yearly waterproofing treatment added to them. We guarantee the timbers to be professionally installed and if yearly treatment is applied we will guarantee then for ten years. We will not be responsible for cosmetic changes due to weather damage that is beyond our control or “Acts of God”. We will guarantee that they will be structurally sound provided no unusual stress or pressure is applied to them. All warranties will be voided if payment is returned or not paid in full upon completion of project.

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